People with Disabilities

"Thank you for actually listening to me and caring about what I have to say."

We empower people with intellectual disabilities to be independent and involved in their communities.

We serve thousands of individuals with disabilities across the nation with specialized programs for autism, age-related problems and other challenges. Our services include in-home support, case management, day programs and supportive employment, specialized residential services, host homes or foster care, and supported living. 

Volunteers of America Southeast Empowers People with Intellectual Disabilities

"We are making a commitment to people who are going to be depending on us for 30 or 40 years or more. Some of these individuals do not have families, so every celebration of their life - every birthday party, every Christmas present - will be our responsibility. This is the essence of our mission."

Angela King, Volunteers of America TX CEO discussing our supportive living services

How We Help

As a leading nonprofit provider of housing and supports for people with disabilities, we operate housing and supportive living programs that are changing the lives of people. Volunteers of America will always be on the front lines to improve lives and, as new health care challenges emerge and advances are made in caring for people with disabilities, you can count on us to be there.

Supportive Living Services

Volunteers of America supports people with intellectual disabilities in 24-hour residential settings - settings that range from single-person apartment settings to group homes, which primarily serve three or four people in a home. All of our homes are located in communities, close to family members and friends. Each supportive living residence is licensed and certified through state agencies and operates under Medicaid guidelines.

Volunteers of America’s residential service for people with intellectual disabilities is a long-term service, and it is not unusual for someone to be supported by Volunteers of America for more than 30 years in a supportive living residence. We accept this responsibility with eagerness and humility.

In-Home Support Services

In-home support services provide assistance to children and adults who live with their families, as well as to adults who live independently. These services are ongoing and are delivered according to the individual’s support plan. Recreational outings, assistance with personal care, money management and employment are among the services offered adults through in-home support services. In addition, we have assisted people with obtaining their own homes, advocated for community inclusion and helped people live as independently as possible. When providing in-home support for children with disabilities, Volunteers of America provides relief for families by offering assistance with physical care and specialized therapies. 

Specialized Services

Because Volunteers of America is a multi-service provider, we have often been asked to develop specialized services for people with disabilities. Some of these services have included support for people with Prader-Willi syndrome, medical oversight for people with extensive medical needs, programs for people with developmental disabilities and criminal histories, and services for children and adults with autism.  We have drawn on the best practices in intellectual disabilities services to develop these specialized programs; and have utilized our expertise in other areas, such as nursing care, substance abuse treatment and family support to ensure these specialized programs meet the needs of each individual.

To see if any of our local offices offer services for people with disabilities in your area, use our zip code search to find an office near you.